Ten years of hard roads, ten years of struggle


                Time flies, the sun and the moon are like a shuttle. The natural world continues the beautiful myth of Chunhua Qiushi and Dongzang Xia Rong in the silent rotation. The establishment of Weifang Yunlong Machinery Co., Ltd. also means that we will start a new journey in a new historical moment.


                In the past ten years, Yunlong people have overcome the difficulties and obstacles with the spirit of self-improvement and tenacious struggle, and have created Yunlong, which is well-known at home and abroad. However, the achievements can only represent the past. Today, we will stand on a new starting point and meet more difficult challenges to achieve more ambitious ideals.


                Yunlong people will continue to pursue as always: the interests of customers are our fundamental interests. All the critical eyes are the driving force for the development of our cause. The integration of wisdom and environment is the source of change of destiny. Yunlong people take the responsibility of serving the public, and they have the responsiveness and promise. Work hard to create a gold-like name - "Yunlong". Days, months, and years, we are committed to providing services to our customers.


                In the face of the sky, the Yunlong people solemnly swear:


                People-oriented, technology-based enterprises, and return to society;


                It is necessary to do your duty when you are in office.


                Please give us a fulcrum (opportunity), we can sway the earth;


                Create Yunlong people with our practical actions!


                If you are good at water, you will be silent. We sincerely hope to work together with new and old friends to create a better tomorrow.

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