SJZK-50L automatic high speed hollow molding machine

                product information

                SJZK-50L automatic high-speed hollow molding machine adds high-speed operation technology on the basis of the original automatic hollow machine, accelerates production efficiency under the premise of ensuring product quality and fully automatic control in the production process, and updates through some processes. , so that the equipment greatly shortens the production time, efficient and fast.


                Equipment performance characteristics

                Fully automatic production under the control of PLC control, hydraulic servo control and touch platform, and through the update of production process, the equipment can effectively save production time in production, speed up production, and make production more efficient and fast. .


                Let us save working time and increase work efficiency in the production process.



                1. Regularly replace the equipment with hydraulic oil to make the equipment work better;


                2, anti-corrosion treatment of equipment, often maintenance and update of equipment;


                3. Regular equipment inspection, replacement of lubricating oil and damaged parts, so that the equipment works better for us;


                4. Before using the equipment, check the fasteners of the equipment to avoid looseness during use.


                Equipment parameter table


                容量(最大容量) 50L 擠出口范圍 30-150 mm
                生產能力(空循環) 890模/ h*2 模具厚度范圍 280 ~ 350 mm
                開合模速度 650mm/sec 模具最大平面尺寸 500×430 mm(寬X高)
                螺桿直徑 110 mm 鎖模力 160 KN
                螺桿長徑比 30(L/D) 機器外形尺寸 4.0×3.0×2.8m(長X寬X高)
                塑化能力 295Kg/h 機器重量 14500Kg

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